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About Us

The hypothesis of "Pharmascience-The Indian Ayurveda" was done by our Founder in 2006. After that, he took a 10-years long time for Detailed Research & Development of each and every product with strategic planning for market; then finally "Pharmascience-The Indian Ayurveda" registered under AYUSH ministry in 2016. Pharma-Science "The Indian Ayurveda" is one of the leading iconic Manufacturers & Global Exporters of ayurvedic products which is a Trademark company & the fastest growing in the ayurvedic health industry in India. Behind this the companies ethical business strategy and quality of products which reflects customer satisfaction priorities. There is a wide range of products developed by the company and is distributed all over India. Most of the company's products are ISO/GMP & Halal certified.

                                       All of the products of the Company which are landed in the market for consumers those all passing through extensive Research and long Duration experiments after meeting all the quality criteria, Those products Proceed To production. Some famous products of the company include Health Gainer (Premium quality weight gaining supplement), Stone Crushers (Excellent results on up to 20 mm kidney stones), Anti Piles Blood Control, Anti Piles Complete Resolution(100% money back guaranty based PILES treatment kit), Hair Tone (Specially for hair fall control), Love Plus (Unisex enhancement capsules), Aloe-fit (A Premium quality Aloe vera Juice) etc.

Infrastructure: The companies best production unit has built-in more than 5000 sq. ft. area. where we have a well-equipped laboratory for research and development and quality control purposes.
Business Platform: A product quality and money back challenge is the biggest plus point for our distributors, who which they have lot of Easy in marketing the products as well as the company establish a lot margin for every distributor between MRP and dealership price(DP) so that all are distributors can get maximum profit. all of the products are available for distributors in the local market only one product called Anti Piles Complete Resolution are excluded from this category, Those authorization is giving To the only Registered Doctor In a District or a City in India.  We are Offering Franchise Opportunity With us, We providing A strong Business Strategy & Extreme Support System of Advertising and Marketing to our Associates for there development.

If you are interested you connect with our organization You can associate with Us, as a dealer, Distributors & wholesaler in a city or district. Doctors Can also contact for registration under the portal of antipiles.com.


As we know, our 5000-year-old Ayurvedic texts have a cure for every problem related to health, which does not only relieve the problem, but eliminates the problem of any side effects.

In the modern world, Ayurveda faces the tough challenge of making a traditional medicinal system relevant today. Undoubtedly there exists no limitations for Ayurveda.

In Pharma Science, we try to make the same Ayurvedic knowledge accessible. And make products that make them unique and incredibly effective by using the right material. At pharma science, contemporizing Ayurveda means making the system of traditional healthcare mainstream.