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Increase Immunity System With Aloe Vera Juice

Published Date : 20-09-2019


Publisher : Pharma Science

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Pharma Science

Immunity is like ourshield which protects us from germs, there are many pathogens (bacteria,viruses, protozoa and fungi) around us. We do not even know and we absorb theseharmful elements with food, drinking and even breathing. After this happens,these pathogens (bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi) attack the immunesystem of our body and our body's immune system works to fight these pathogensand germs and prevent infection whose immune system is strong They tend tofight against these infections better and the body gets rid of that infection,but people with weak immunity system sometimes have to pay huge cost for theseinfections, sometimes organ-failure and sometimes The death of the patient alsobecomes untoward.

That is why it is very important for our immunity to be hard and strong so thatour body can fight any kind of germ attack and there is nothing untoward.

But at present, strong immunity is not enough for a healthy life because in thepresent time we all are taking the same type of diet in the form of fruits,vegetables and grains; Where on an average more than 90% production of thosefood materials is based on fertilizers and pesticides which cause thesechemicals to reach our body directly and cause toxicity. Apart from this,synthetic chemicals are also used in the production of other food items likeoils and spices through which many these types of toxins enter our bodycontinuously and the toxicity generated by them causes a huge amount of damageto our internal organs. Which affects their functioning and they startdegrading as a result of which the body starts suffering from many diseases andthe person goes into the grass of untimely times.

For the example, in diseases related to toxicity, the fastest growing diabetesand heart patients in India are the best examples of this as we all know thatthe work of the pancreas is the secretion of hormone called insulin in the bodywhich digesting sugars, but the side effects of toxicity reduce the secretionof insulin when the cells of the pancreas are damaged, so that the digestion ofglucose taken in food is not known properly and the blood sugar levels rise;and at the affected person becomes a patient of diabetes.

If by any ways we take these toxins out of the body on a regular basis, thenthe side effects of these toxins can be reduced to a great extent, which canprevent our precious organs like liver, kidney, pancreas and heart from gettingdamaged.

                 Aloe fit AloeVera juice is a 100% effective purely herbal remedy that helps in many ways toincrease immunity by strengthening the immune system. Along with immunityboosting; Aloe fit Juice is a great detoxifier, which detoxifies our body &Provides protection to our internal oranges.



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