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Kidney Stone Best Ayurvedic Medicine :- Stone Crusher

Published Date : 21-05-2019


Publisher : Pharma Science

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Pharma Science

Stone Crusher: Everything You Must Know About Kidney Stone

Kidney stones, formed by hard minerals, are not to be taken lightly. If you ask someone who has kidney stones or had them before will tell you everything about the symptoms and how stones in the kidney can be a dangerous situation. Well, here we will discuss everything about kidney stone that you must know, and I will share the best kidney stone medicine details. According to the survey, it has been noticed that several kidney stone patients increase day by day, and mostly they are admitted to the emergency ward because of pain. Well, most people don’t know about kidney stones much until they face urine issues like blood in urine and less urine amount. National Kidney Foundation recommends each individual to see the cause and symptoms of kidney stone as one in 20 people is likely to have kidney stone once in his life by any mean.

So, here all the details are shared so that you can remove kidney stone without any surgical treatment before it enters gall bladder. Before getting into any critical health condition, it is better to prevent or cure it at an early stage. So, here all your questions regarding kidney stones are answered to know it better.

What Is Kidney Stone?

In kidneys or urinary tract, crystalized, tine and hard chunks of minerals are formed that are known as kidney stones. Well, they are of various colour, size and shape.

What Causes Kidney Stones?

Mostly the reason behind kidney stones is less in take of fluid or dehydration. Well, we all know the importance of water in our body and water in take is necessary insufficient amount. Water helps to keep our body hydrated and removes waste and minerals in the urinary tract. Urine consists of different types of concentrated minerals like uric acid, salt, calcium, oxalate and calcium that pass through the body via urinary tract or kidneys. If you drink less water, all these wastes or minerals may not be flushed out with urine and hence form hard mineral chunks that are known as kidney stones.

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Stones?

One most common symptom of kidney stone is pain, and also it indicates some alarming symptoms other than pain, and they are as follows:
Burning sensation during urination
Pain during urination
Blood in urine
Odorous, cloudy, or discoloured urine
Sharp and extreme back or side pain
Frequent urination
Pain accompanied by vomiting or nausea.
Pain accompanied by chills and fever.

What Is The Best Treatment For Kidney Stones?

Stone Crusher or Stone Crusher Plus are the best medicines from Pharma Science The Indian Ayurveda that removes kidney stone up to 20 mm indeed. Also, the treatment is surgery-free and has no side effects. Well, stone crusher is the medicine of four doses that should be taken with briyophyllum leaves, and stone crusher plus is the medicine of 10 dosages. Drink plenty of water and buttermilk during the treatment that helps to remove the kidney stone successfully.

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