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Protein Supplements for Weight Gain : True or False

Published Date : 02-12-2019


Publisher : Pharma Science

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Pharma Science

A curvy and attractive body that adds to your personality is the first choice of every young person today and why not, here every one is competing to make themselves different but sometimes look better In the passion to fulfill the desire, we also commit some such mistakes, which we have to bear the loss of a great price.

We are talking about the harm caused by health supplements or protein powder taken for weight gain; Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for the body to compensate for the loss due to them, because, on one hand, where they help in increasing weight, on the other hand, they also hollow the body from the inside, whereas the main five components of our body Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber are required, if all these are mixed in the right amount, then our body can remain healthy.

The amount of food we eat also requires physical labor to be fully digested and taken advantage of by the body. Many health and nutritionist experts point out that the youth are not fit today due to deteriorating lifestyles, avoiding exercise, and not taking a complete or balanced diet, and to supplement their desire for fitness, they resort to supplements and protein powder.

There are many types of side effects

Disadvantages due to protein powders or supplements: -

The common side effects caused by these are nonbranded cheap products which are often unhygienic or synthetic but it is not that good brand whey protein (Whey Protein) ) Does not cause any harm, there are chances of loss due to their consumption, which causes many small problems like indigestion, loose motion, imbalance of nutrition in the body and toxicity, and consuming them in high amounts can cause kidney and liver problems. One of the reasons for the harm they can cause is that our body is not able to directly digest it like the nutrition it receives from foods, so from the point of view of weight gain, replacing protein powder with protein diet The selection is considered to be correct from which the chances of any kind of loss are negligible. 

Health supplements for vegetarians: - Choosing a health supplement for vegetarians is not less than a choice because it is very difficult to find out whether the animal cant is used in any supplement, therefore it is very difficult for vegetarians to consume it, in particular, It is considered appropriate to supply the protein requirement by including high protein vegetables, pulses, and other dairy products in your diet.

Loss of appetite or loss of diet: - In some people, loss of appetite or weakening of dietary capacity is also the reason behind their slim physique, to increase appetite by such people, cardamom, celery, based on domestic remedies Interest in food can be increased by using any of the many domestic nukes such as amla

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