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Body Booster (100gm)

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Country Of Origin : India

Body Booster is a dietary supplement for Naturally Ayurvedic weight gainer. Quantity - 100gm

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Sportspersons involved in sports like weightlifting, body building, athletics or mixed martial arts require perfect muscle mass and least fat gain. Body Booster is a phenomenal Ayurvedic body booster supplement That helps in Muscle mass gain and weight gain, while shrinking percentage of excessive  body fat. Constituted of pure and exclusive herbs, this supplement increases stamina, improve athletic performance and provides essential vitamins, calcium and haemoglobin. 

When we speak of a sports person, first image conjures of a person with good muscles, balanced body mass and superb stamina. Yet gaining proper muscles and body mass can be a very challenging task for many people. The answer lies in a good energy body booster supplement like Body booster. it is a trademark, GMP, halal and vegetarian certified product, which is composed solely of ancient precious herbs and works multi fold to improve muscle mass and overall health. Unlike the common weight gain products flooding the market, this Ayurvedic body booster supplement  Is completely chemical free And has no side effects. With Body Booster one can expect 100% result, perfect muscle mass gain, weight gain, better metabolism, and improved stamina.  Various herbs used to compose body booster work multidimensional to improve overall body system and general health.

Ingredients:  Body Booster comprises of exclusive herbs that have been suggested by the ancient texts of Ayurveda.

  1. Ashwagandha : Ashwagandha also known as “ Hayagandha” or “ Vajigandha” is a herb originally named after horse, the species famous for its power, stamina and sexual performance.  it is fortified with a host of micro and macronutrients like iron, calcium, carotene and vitamin C. Presence of plant based adaptogens help in improving brain and  neurological functions, enhancing immunity hello and antioxidants hereby working as a great anti aging and stress controlling agent.
  2. Kali Muesli: It is rich in fibre and composed of whole grains leading to quick muscle mass gain.
  3. Vidari Kand: Vidari kand or Indian Kutju, is a boon of ayurveda have which is famed to improve body strength, sexual power, immunity and stamina. With its innumerable benefits the most prominent ones are aid in weight gain and increase in muscle mass. it is the best rejuvenating and anti aging herb.
  4. Mishri : Mishri is basically sucrose in pure and unrefined form. Great for weight gain, it also serves to improve eyesight, reduce stress, improve metabolism and increase haemoglobin count.

Besides these main ingredients, this Ayurvedic body booster supplement contains,

  • Sendha Namak
  • Nimbu Sattva
  • Sweet Jeera

How to Consume:

It is advised to consume 2 to 3 grams of body booster twice a day, preferably morning and evening, one hour after the meal.


the benefits of this energy body booster extend way beyond only weight gain and muscle mass gain.

it's innumerable advantages include,

  1. Enriched with precious herbs it works wonders to improve resistance power and stamina.
  2. Besides gaining balance muscle mass and proper weight, it works to reduce unhealthy fat percentage.
  3. Presence of exclusive Ayurvedic herbs makes it rich in several micro and macro nutrients thus eradicating calcium, vitamins and haemoglobin deficiency.
  4. The weight gained with this energy body booster is healthy and sustainable.
  5. it also works miraculously to improve brain and neurological functions, reduce stress, improve eyesight and boost metabolism.
  6. the weight and muscle mass gain is quick and assured. within a few days you can observe change in your body and improvement in your stamina and resistance level.

Body Booster is the best  Ayurvedic body booster supplement for sports person,  bodybuilders and thin people who desire to have perfectly balanced weight, good muscle mass and amazing stamina. include this energy body booster supplement in your diet and observe yourself looking and feeling wonderful, healthy and confident

Side effects:

With its countless benefits, this Ayurvedic body booster has no side effects. Even in long term observations, this supplement has been shown to deliver no negative effects at all. this product is completely Ayurvedic and is constituted of best quality natural herbs. It has no added chemicals, artificial flavours, or body harming ingredients.

Body Booster:- Improve Strength, Stamina, Diet & Weight

Body Booster:- Improve Strength, Stamina, Diet & Weight

Which supplement is best for body gain?

Body building has become a trend nowadays especially among youngsters. However, gaining muscle mass may also be needed for people who have lost weight drastically due to some ailment or due to any other reason. For this purpose, it is best to opt for Body Booster which contains natural ingredients. It is made by skilled and talented doctors after many years of research.

Which herb is best to increase body weight?

Shatavari, Ashwaganha, Yashtimadhu, etc. are best for gaining weight and it is a good idea to take Body Booster which contains some of these herbs and other herbal and mineral remedies which are the best option for gaining weight.

How can I increase weight?

Usually taking healthy fats like ghee, coconut oil etc. can help you to increase weight in a healthy manner. You can also opt for carbohydrates like whole wheat flour, brown rice etc. However, sometimes the metabolism of a person does not allow them to gain weight no matter what they eat. In this situation it is best to opt for our Ayurvedic remedy Body Booster in order to gain weight naturally.

Best Ayurvedic weight gainer powder

Needless to say, the Body Booster powder created by our laboratories is the best Ayurveda powder available for gaining weight in a safe manner. It does not cause any side effects as it is completely natural and tested for safety.

Is Ayurveda good for gaining weight?

Ayurveda has many solutions for people who are unable to gain a healthy amount of weight in spite of eating well. Hence, make sure to opt for ayurvedic remedies from our renowned company which has created Body Booster which helps in enhancing body weight.


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