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Resizer 120 Capsule

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Country Of Origin : India

Pharma Science Weight Loss Fat Burner Supplement (120 CAPSULES)

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Resizer from Pharma Science is an excellent weight loss fat burner supplement that helps you win the weight loss challenge with great ease. Inspired from the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda, Resizer is a 100% herbal, ISO, GMP, Halal certified miracle product, curated of a rare combination of select precious herbs. These weight loss capsules work multidimensionally to help you lose weight, increase metabolic rate, reduce visible fat, besides enhancing your body energy level.  Easy to consume and quick to show results, this weight loss fat burner supplement is completely natural and free of any side effects. With Resizer you can easily achieve your desired weight in a short span.

Obesity is fast surfacing as a major nutritional disorder of the modern age. More than a cosmetic concern, obesity is harbinger to a host of serious diseases. A body is termed overweight when the body mass index or BMI is between 25 to 29.5 and when it rises above 30 the body is termed obese. 

Obesity is caused due to several factors. Extreme consumption of high calorie food, sedentary life style and irregular sleep pattern leads to excessive accumulation of fat in the body, termed as obesity. This fat can block several body channels and result in metabolic disorders like hypertension, diabetes, digestive problems etc.

Excessive deposits of fat also affect respiratory system, stamina and cardiac system. Obesity is also considered one of the most common causes of cardiac failures. Besides the physiological effect, obesity also negatively impacts confidence and sexual life of the patient.

The following are the main disorders caused due to obesity,

  1. Coronary diseases
  2. Gall bladder diseases
  3. Hypertension
  4. Heart stroke
  5. Increased LDL cholesterol levels, reduced LDL cholesterol level or increased level of triglycerides.
  6. Type 2 diabetes
  7. Osteoarthritis

Obesity is considered a very challenging state of health. The stubborn fat deposits once formed, are very difficult to melt and reduce. Though proper diet and exercise are very crucial in treating obesity, Ayurveda has also suggested a few herbs to efficiently manage this disorder.

Resizer from Pharma science is a rare combination of select herbs inspired from the wisdom of Ayurveda. These weight loss capsules are powered with exclusive high quality potent herbs mixed in a specific ratio, to harness best results out of them. The powerful ingredients of Resizer weight loss fat burner supplement, effectively treats stubborn fat deposits and other symptoms of obesity.


Resizer, best weight loss fat burner supplement is curated carefully to combine extremely potent high quality ingredients in a very specific ratio. The Garcinia Cambojia is 60% HCA ( Hydroxy citric acid)and Green coffee in the ratio of 50%  CGA(chlorogenic acid).


  1. Garcinia Cambogia: it is a fruit considered native to the ever green forests of South Asia, India and Africa. With shape and structure like a small pumpkin, this fruit contains hydroxy citric acid, which helps to collect calcium in the body. It accelerates metabolism and prevents creation of fat deposits. Research show that proper consumption of Garcinia Cambojia can effectively promote weight loss, and manage obesity in a short span of time. The hydroxy citric acid found in this fruit also improves stamina and enhance energy levels.

The key benefits of Garcinia Cambogia are,

  • It helps to reduce cholesterol level in the body
  • Effectively accelerates metabolism
  • Manages stress levels
  • Controls blood sugar level.
  1. Green Coffee: Green coffee is considered one of the best weight loss supplements across the world. The green coffee beans are unroasted beans which carry mild flavour and a high content of vitamins and minerals. The most important component is the Chlorogenic acid, which is a high quality antioxidant, and is the alpha of chlorogenic acid present in the body. The glucosides present in it affects the function of inhibitors, which further inhibits the carbohydrates in the body from clogging in the cells, as well as enhances metabolism. It also checks the urge to overeat leading to rapid weight loss. The chlorogenic acid found in the green coffee beans is exclusive to it, as it gets destroyed during the process of roasting.

Key benefits of Green Coffee are:

  • Helpful in monitoring hypertension
  • Controls obesity
  • Controls type 2 diabetes
  • Chlorogenic acid found in the green coffee beans is helpful in combating cancer
  • Improves memory
  • Has positive effects in treating Alzheimer’s
  • Cuts belly fat
  • Enhances metabolism

Consumption Method:

It is advised to consume 2 to 3 capsules in the morning with lukewarm water, or as advised by the medical consultant.

For rapid weight loss it is crucial to first rid the body of all toxins and waste material accumulated in the body. Detoxification is must to enhance metabolic rate. Following are a few detox drinks to be paired with Resize weight loss capsules to achieve optimum results.

1.Cinnamoin Powder Drink:

Take a teaspoon cinnamon powder, add one and a quarter glass of water (125ml) and simmer it on low flame for 5 minutes. when the water reduces to around 1 glass, allow it to become lukewarm. Drink it lukewarm before retiring to bed in night.

2.Lemon and Ginger Detox Drink:

Grind a piece of ginger in a glass of lukewarm water, add juice of half a lemon and mix well. Consume this lukewarm drink 10 minutes before consuming Resizer capsules in the morning.

3.Cucumber and mint Leaves Drink:

Add some cucumber pieces and mint leaves in a glass of plain water. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes so the juices gets well mixed in the water. Drink it 10 minutes before consuming Resizer weight loss capsules.


For rapid weight loss and deep detoxification it is advised to consume Resizer capsules with Aloefit aloevera juice from the labs of Pharmascience.  Aloe fit is a strong detoxifying agent which also works as an immunity booster and antiaging supplement. Resizer and aloefit is an extremely powerful combination for boosting immunity and rapid weight loss.

Product Benefits: 

Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges and Resizer weight loss fat burner supplement is your perfect aide in the journey. Resizer from Pharmascience, not only controls obesity but also cuts unbecoming belly fat. With zero side effects and fast results, Resizer helps you achieve your desired weight easily and quickly. Now achieve that perfect body with Resizer, best weight loss capsules.


To reduce excessive weight it is crucial to monitor your diet. Avoid stale, fried, and high calories food items. Abstain from consuming junk food, white sugar, processed food, and alcohol


Children under 12 years of age, pregnant women and persons under any medical treatment are advised not to consume Resizer weight loss capsules without the guidance of a medical practitioner.

Weight Loss Technique That Changed your Life Forever | Weight loss - Resize yourself | Pharmascience

How to lose weight fast ? Motapa kam karne ka tarika? Vajan kaise kam kare?

Do fat burners help you lose weight?

Fat burners made from completely natural ingredients like Resizer from Pharma Science containing the extracts of the plant Garcinia Cambogia, and Green coffee beans will help you to lose weight. These are herbs which have proven their efficacy since ancient times. Apart from burning fat it also increases energy, detoxifies the body, boosts metabolism while suppressing appetite.

What happens if you take fat burners without workout?

Of course a workout regime will help you lose weight faster if taken with a good fat burner like our Resizer. However, this weight loss product works well even if you do not follow a workout routine.

Do fat burners affect kidneys?

Our fat burner Resizer does not have any harmful side effects whatsoever. Hence all your organs and health in general are safe if you use this product for quick weight loss. Other products based on allopathic science may have ingredients which affect the organs like kidneys, but Resizer does not.


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Paresh Rawat

Accidentally i purchased Resizer for weight Loss, Surprisingly I lost 5 kg of my weight in just 30 Days.

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