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Body Gainer 150 gm

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Country Of Origin : India

Body Gainer is an Best weight gainer in India without any Side Effect. Quantiy - 150gm

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Gaining weight can be equally challenging  as weight loss. Though good nutrition and proper exercise are must for weight gain, Nutrition supplements powder like Body Gainer play a key role in achieving the perfect body mass. Curated of miraculous Ayurvedic Herbs the mass gainer supplement,  Body Gainer increases weight in a  natural and safe manner. it Improves metabolism, increases appetite and strengthen digestive system for better absorption of nutrients, which subsequently leads to proper weight gain. 

Through losing weight is a challenging task, gaining weight can be an equally arduous one. There are many people who strive to gain body mass and muscles. It could be to look better, being more muscular, to  improve bodily strength or enhance athleticism. In urge to gain weight people usually drive their efforts in varied direction,

  1. Consultation with doctors and specialists to gain weight
  2. Consuming artificial health products flooding the market.
  3. Devouring high calorie laden oily and unhealthy food to increase body weight
  4. Excessive use of high calories dairy products.

The weight gain derived out of these attempts is usually unhealthy, unstable and visually unpleasing.

Ideally people focussing on weight gain should work on developing muscle mass instead of fat content.  It is healthier and aesthetically better to enhance muscle mass than fat content in the body. Balanced diet and proper exercise are the core behind proper muscle and weight gain. Yet, to accelerate the weight gain process it is advised to complement your diet plan with an Ayurvedic body building supplement like Body Gainer.

Consuming a natural and best quality mass gainer would not only help you gain weight at the proper places but would also accelerate the weight gain process. Ayurveda believs in holistic healing thus this ayurvedic body-building supplement strives to improve health in a 360 degree plan. Instead of loading unnecessary heavy calories, like the common products inundating the market, Body gainer increase metabolism, enhances appetite, strengthens digestive system, so the nutrients consumed are properly digested and absorbed by the body.

Proper absorption of nutrients is vital to harness the nutritional value of different food components like  protein, vitamins and minerals. With nutrition supplements powder like body gainer not only appetite gets better, but food is better absorbed and utilised. This proper absorption and utilization of nutrients impacts and increases the muscle mass.

Body Gainer works on the principles of Ayurveda, towards holistic healing of the body.  It is a Trade mark, GMP, Halal and ISO certified nutritional supplement. It is pure, chemical free and curated of fresh best quality herbs.


Body Gainer comprises of exclusive herbs that have been advised by the ancient texts of ayurveda.

  1. Ashwagandha : Ashwagandha also known as “ Hayagandha” or “ Vajigandha” is a herb owing its name to the horse, the species famous for its power, stamina and virile performance.  it is enriched with a host of micro and macronutrients like iron, calcium, carotene and vitamin C. it contains plant based adaptogens which improve brain and neurological functions, enhance immunity and antioxidants level, hereby working as a great anti aging and stress controlling agent.
  2. Kali Muesli: It is rich in fibre and composed of whole grains leading to proper muscle mass gain.
  3. Vidari Kand: Vidari kand or Indian Kutju, is a much praised herb of ayurveda which works to improve body strength, sexual power, immunity and staminaout of its several benefits the major ones are aid in weight gain and increase in muscle mass. it is considered as the best rejuvenating and anti aging herb.
  4. Mishri : Mishri is essentially sucrose in its pure and unrefined form. Great for weight gain, it also serves to enhance eyesight, lessen stress, better metabolism and increase haemoglobin count.

Besides these main ingredients, this Ayurvedic Body Gainer Supplement contains,

  • Sendha Namak
  • Nimbu Sattva
  • Sweet Jeera

How to Consume:

It is advised to consume 2 to 3 grams of body gainer twice a day, preferably morning and evening, one hour after the meal.


  • It increase body resistance and immunity level.
  • Enhances physical endurance.
  • Boosts body energy level.
  • Helps gain weight in the form of muscle mass.


Body Gainer is strictly prohibited for age group under 14 years. For age group 14 to 18 years age consumption quantity should be between 1 to 2 grams.

Any kind of intoxicating substances are strictly to be avoided during consumption of Body Gainer. People suffering from liver related disorders; like jaundice, ulcer, liver psoriasis, and people suffering from diabetes and sickle cell anaemia should refrain from consumption of nutritional supplement powder Body Gainer.

Body Gainer has no side effects so now forget about your weight woes and look healthy, muscular and confident with best mass gainer supplement Body Gainer.

Best Ayurvedic Weight Gainer | MASS GAINER for Beginners | PharmaScience

Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for muscle and weight gain?

Whether you are a body builder or simply trying to maintain a healthy muscle mass, then you should opt for Body Gainer from the laboratories of our reputable company Pharma Science. Many people have benefitted from Body Gainer and enhanced their lean muscle mass in a short time.

What Ayurveda says about bodybuilding?

Body building is not a new concept as it was prevalent even in the ancient times. For instance, there is the concept of body building seen even in the Mahabharata in which body builders like Jarasandh and Bheema are mentioned. Hence Ayurveda is not against body building as long as it is done with the help of natural food items and natural supplements like Body Gainer.

Which powder is best for nutrition?

Apart from helping you to gain the desired muscle mass Body Gainer also provides sufficient nutrition to the body along with proteins, and many nutrients which help you to gain muscle mass in a healthy manner.

Do I really need protein powder?

The requirement of protein powder actually depends on your diet, because if you are a vegetarian then it is likely that you do not get the necessary amount of protein that your body needs. In this situation it is necessary to take a healthy protein powder fortified with other nutrients. The best option for this purpose is the completely natural and vegetarian Body Gainer powder.

How much protein do we need according to Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda a person weighing 150 pounds requires 54-81 grams of protein per day depending on their activity level. The proper portions of Body Gainer powder provide you with the best amount of protein that you require whether you have a light exercise routine or you are a serious body builder.


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Raheem Qadri

if you want to gain muscle take is body gainer



Paresh Rawat

best product for gym workout

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