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Diabatreat :- Medicine for Diabetes | Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes 60 Capsules

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Diabetes or ‘ Madhymeh’ or ‘Prameh’ as, called in Ayurveda is a chronic metabolic disorder when the body is not able to produce or utilize the optimum level of insulin or is unresponsive to it.

Diabetes if left untreated can lead to major organ failures and several critical and even fatal diseases. Its complicated impact does not allow complete eradication, but can only be managed through proper medication. Diabatreat from Pharmascience is the best ayurvedic diabetes medicine that helps you keep control of the disease without any potential side effects. 

Diabetes is fast emerging as a common lifestyle disease that majorly impacts insulin and blood sugar levels in the body. In this medical condition, the body is not able to properly utilize glucose, leading to hyperglycemia and sugar residual in the urine. Sedentary lifestyle, stress, inactivity, poor dietary habits, and hereditary are the main causal factors behind this chronic metabolic disorder. The irony is, that once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, it is extremely complicated to fully eliminate the disease as it might impact a few major organs. Yet, Ayurveda provides a holistic and safe approach to care for the disease in the form of  Diabatreat. it is the best ayurvedic diabetes medicine that helps you manage the disease, maintain a normal lifestyle and alleviate further risks associated with it. With Diabatreat you can resume your life activities and prevent further increase in diabetes levels without any danger of side effects.



  • Amla - amla contains chromium, a mineral helping in carbohydrate metabolism and makes body more responsive to insulin, thus checking blood sugar level.
  • Jamun Guthli - they are rich in fiber thus boosts metabolism and substantially helps in reducing blood sugar level.
  • Neem – neem powder is fortified with glycosides, flavonoids, triterpenoid, and anti-viral compounds that work wonders to check blood sugar level.
  • Karela – karela contains a specific compound majorly functioning similar to insulin, thus effectively checks blood sugar level in both types of diabetes.
  • Gudmaar - it is considered a miracle medicine for diabetes as it reduces the blood sugar level by increasing the level of insulin in the body.

Diabatreat Has to be consumed one capsule one hour prior to lunch, and one capsule one hour prior to dinner. In case of significantly high sugar levels, one can consume the medicine 3 times a day. One capsule to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, one capsule, one hour before lunch. and one capsule one hour before dinner with plain water.

Diabatreat offers considerable relief from diabetes without any potential side effects. Curated of precious and rare ayurvedic herbs, it can be consumed along with any allopathic treatment. Regular use of Diabatreat substantially reduces the risk of diabetes and promises a normal life, provided certain precautions and dietary constraints are followed. Diabatreat Is the best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes that offers perfect control on diabetes and its potential threats.

Diabatreat  Is a miracle Ayurvedic product that allows you To live your life normally and happily beyond the constraints of diabetes.  If left untreated diabetes increases the risk of heart failure, hypertension, Increased cholesterol, and the like. but with diabatreat the best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, the risk associated with This disorder are substantially controlled. So adopt lifestyle modifications, dietary discipline and take a step towards a diabetes-free life with diabatreat.

8 Ingredients of Pharma Science Best Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine : Diabatreat

5 Benefits of Pharma Science Best Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine: Diabatreat

Can Ayurvedic medicine cure diabetes completely?

In spite of claims made by many of the Ayurveda community, diabetes is almost impossible to treat completely. However, Diabatreat contains a mix of herbs that will keep your blood sugar level under control and give you much more freedom as far as your diet is concerned. However, you should take care to avoid sugar and highly processed foods and consume more fibre and natural sweeteners like jaggery, honey and others.

Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for diabetes type 2?

Diabtreat by Pharma Science has been made with the help of many natural herbs which are good at reducing the blood sugar level and keep it even without the spikes in blood sugar that diabetics often experience. This medicine is completely natural and results achieved by people consuming it are quite good.

How can I reduce my blood sugar by Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda the first thing that you need to do to control blood sugar is a change in your daily diet. You should consume more fibre which can be derived from whole grains, pulses and legumes. Even green leafy vegetables and low calorie foods and vegetables like cabbage are good. At the same time, if you regularly take Diabtreat you will be able to keep a check on your blood sugar level. Also include yoga asanas like Suryanamaskar, Vakrasana and the different pranayamas.

Is it safe to take Ayurveda medicines for diabetes?

Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes known by the name of Diabtreat created by Pharma Science has been created after years of research. It has been found not just safe but very effective as a medicine for diabetes. You can take Diabtreat in the recommended dosage with full confidence as it will not cause any side effects which allopathic medicines do.

Which medicine is best for diabetes?

Diabtreat by Pharma Science is the best medicine for diabetes as it has been created by skilled and qualified Ayurveda specialists. The diabetes patients who have taken this medicine along with the right diet and lifestyle changes have achieved excellent results in their overall health and lowered the levels of blood sugar.


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