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Hair Tone Oil

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Country Of Origin : India

Hair Tone Oil is a Combination of Precious Herbs, It’s Best Oil for hair fall Control. Quantity 100ml

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For hair-related issues, Ayurveda has always favoured pure natural oils and their wonderful blends.  From dry, frizzy and unmanageable to grey and weak hair, Ayurveda has a cure for all in the form of HAIR TONE OIL, the best ayurvedic hair oil for all. Curated of select precious herbs, Hair tone oil is a miraculous treatment that promises to make your tresses thick, lush and shiny. This natural hair oil comes with a 7 days challenge to tackle hair fall issues and nourish your hair. 

Now tackle all your hair issues with Pharma Science hair tone oil. This unique natural hair oil is just the thing you require to achieve beautiful, thick, lush and strong hair. Hair Tone Oil incorporates traditional wisdom and is composed of exclusive ingredients ensuring healthy and smooth hair after every wash.

Constant stress, chemical usage, irregular lifestyle and poor dietary habits make hair weak, dull and grey. One can also suffer from severe hair loss leading to thinning of hair and even receding forehead in men. Hair tone oil is the best Ayurvedic hair oil that combats all issues related to hair, and with the power of precious herbal ingredients transforms even worst of the hair to nice shiny locks. Unlike the common chemical laden products, Hair tone oil is completely natural and is made with the traditional Ayurvedic Ksheerpak method, which is the ideal way to obtain maximum benefits from the power packed ancient herbs.


  1. Bhringraj: Since centuries bhringaraj has been used as a miracle cure for strengthening hair and treating premature greying of hair. This herb is considered an answer to all the hair troubles.
  1. Amla: The main function of Amla is to nourish the roots and strengthen the hair from within. It makes hair shiny, smooth and strong. The high vitamin C content of this ingredient is elixir for hair.
  2. Brahmi: Brahmi is acclaimed to accelerate the hair growth and thicken the roots. It also serves to keep the scalp cool and nurture the hair follicles.
  3. Shikakai: Shikakai works to bring smoothness and shine to dull hair. It also cures scalp of any infection and promotes hair regrowth. It also helps in making tresses soft, shiny and easy to detangle.
  4. Neem: With its regenerative properties, Neem is considered excellent for hair growth. Its anti fungal nature makes it the perfect treatment for itchy scalp.
  5. Nallennai or Sesame : A true boon for hair, sesame performs multiple functions like, soothing dry hair, preventing dandruff and hair lice, protecting from pre mature grey hair and rendering protection from UV rays.

To maximise the benefits of Hairtone oil it should be applied with the help of the dropper provided in the oil kit. Pour 10 to 15 drops of oil in the scalp and massage it well. Men should apply it once every morning and women should apply it three to four times a week. 

Benefits: Hair tone oil is the best ayurvedic hair oil offering the following benefits

  1. It helps control Hair Fall.
  2. Helps control Dandruff.
  3. Prevent premature Greying of Hair.
  4. Promotes Healthy Scalp and Long Hair.
  5. Makes hair Smooth Shiny and Thick.
  6. Enhances Hair Growth and Regrowth

Result: Fortified with precious natural herbs Hair tone oil is the best Ayurvedic hair oil for everyone and a complete solution to tackle all hair-related issues.

Caution: Eat less salt, do not apply soap on hair.

How to Stop Hair Fall in a Week

झड़ते बालो को अनदेखा ना करे | How to Stop Hair Fall in a Week | बाल झड़ना रोके सिर्फ एक सप्ताह में

Increase Hair Growth | Prevent Hair Fall & Split Hair|Get Silky & Smooth Hair |Best Ayurvedic Remedy

Which Ayurvedic formulation is best for hair growth?

Hair tone created after years of research by the herbologists of Pharma Science is by far the best formulation to enhance hair growth. As it contains the extracts of herbal hair growth enhancers like Amla, Shikakai and others.

Can Ayurveda regrow lost hair?

The answer to this question is ‘yes’, there are many ayurvedic herbs that are excellent for the regrowth of lost hair. A high protein diet along with Hair tone for topical application will regrow lost hair at a surprising speed.

How can I regrow my hair with Ayurveda?

There are more than a dozen herbs in Ayurveda which can help regrow hair. Pharma Science has spent years of research and come up with a concoction of natural herbs in the form of Hair Tone which is useful for most individuals and also hypoallergenic. Hence you can use Hair Tone for re-growing lost hair.

Which is the best oil for hair growth?

The oil that provides nutrition not just to the roots of the hair but also strengthens and smoothens the hair shaft is the ideal hair oil. In Hair Tone from Pharma Science you can find all the natural herbs which make it the best oil for hair growth.

Which oil makes hair roots stronger?

An oil containing ayurvedic herbs like Shikakai, Jatamansi, Amla, Brahmi etc. will make the hair roots stronger. However, it is necessary to understand the working of each of the around 15 herbs that are considered good for hair growth. Hair Tone by Pharma Science contains the right amount of each herb and is made with a special process that keeps the original qualities of the herbs intact.

How to stop hair fall and regrow hair?

You don’t need to go for any lengthy procedures or ones that are harmful in the long run. Instead you can opt for Hair Tone by Pharma Science which contains the good qualities of a mixture of herbs which provide nutrition to the hair follicles preventing hair loss, and improving hair growth. At the same time it improves the quality of the hair and treats problems like split ends and lack lustre hair which are all the results of poor nutrition to the hair follicles.

Which oil makes hair roots stronger?

Of course any oil can be infused with the goodness of Ayurveda herbs and used to make hair roots stronger. However the oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, walnut oil and others are themselves very good for making hair roots stronger. In Hair Tone you will find the goodness of such oils along with the benefits of hair growing herbs.

How to stop hair fall and regrow hair?

Along with a nutritious and protein rich diet, it is necessary to use some topical application that will nourish the hair roots and prevent hair loss along with enhancing the growth of new hair. Hair Tone by Pharma Science has very strong nourishing properties and is an excellent remedy for falling hair along with being a hair growth enhancing agent.

Increase Hair Growth | Prevent Hair Fall & Split Hair|Get Silky & Smooth Hair |Best Ayurvedic Remedy


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Relief in hair loss



Rahul Singh

Sirf 6 dino me Mere balo ka jhadna hair tone oil se band ho gaya, sach me gajab ka product hai.



Puja Singh

I am 30 years old, I had hair fall at the age of 24, but I got Satisfying hair growth due to the Pharmascience hair oil.

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