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Stone Crusher

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Country Of Origin : India

Stone Crusher is one of the best treatment for kidney stones. Quantity - 10gm

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Kidney Stone, Renal Stone or Urolithiasis, is one of the most prevalent urological disorder impacting all age groups alike. Kidney stone refers to formation of small mineral deposits in the urinary system ( kidney, ureter and bladder), triggering intense abdominal pain, and obstruction in the urinary flow . Stone crusher is an incomparable Ayurvedic kidney stone medicine which works on the principles of Ayurveda to eradicate kidney stones effectively, easily, and painlessly. Stone crusher is an Ayurvedic formulation composed of precious and rare herbs which work towards holistic healing of the body.

Kidney stones are formed due to crystallization of salts and minerals in the urinary tract. These crystals solidifies to form small stones or small crystals blocking the urinary tract and as a result block the urinary flow. This can lead to intense pain, severe discomfort and in acute cases, bleeding. Kidneys are very vital organs of our body that perform the essential task of removing excess fluid and toxins. Any blockage in the normal working of kidney can lead to serious and even fatal medical disorders.

Following are the main causes leading to formation of kidney stones.

  1. Unhealthy Dietary Patterns.
  2. Irregular and sedentary life style.
  3. Bladder infections, hormonal influences and metabolic imbalance.

Risk Factors:

There are several risk factors which increases the possibility of renal stones.

  1. Genetics: One is more susceptible in developing religious stones if there is a family history of similar urological disorder.
  2. Dehydration: Not consuming enough fluid and a warm climate can enhance the possibility of kidney stones.
  3. Obesity: have weight gain and high body mass index( BMI), are one of the major risk factors of kidney stones.
  4. Digestive Diseases and Surgery: Certain surgical procedures like gastric bypass surgery, and a few medical conditions like chronic diarrhoea can impact the absorption of have calcium thus increasing the stone formation.
  5. Dietary Factors: Diet high in complex protein, high sodium( salt), heavy sugar may increase the chances of kidney stone.
  6. A few medical conditions like urinary tract infections, cystinuria and renal tubular acidosis( RTA) may lead to formation of kidney stones

Types of Kidney Stones:

There are 5 main types of kidney stones having different causal factors:

  1. Calcium Oxalate Stones: Calcium oxalate stones are the most commonly found kidney stones. It is formed when there is a low level of citrate and high levels of calcium and either uric acid or oxalate in the urine. Research suggests a direct link between the calcium oxalate renal stones and a diet high in oxalate, which is a commonly found substance occurring naturally in animals and plant based food. Most common examples of such dietary items are black tea, chocolate, potatoes, spinach, nuts and beets.
  2. Calcium Phosphate Kidney Stones: Calcium phosphate kidney stones are renal stones formed when there are certain abnormalities in the functioning of the urinary system. it requires a medical examination and certain blood and urine tests to understand and treat calcium phosphate kidney stones. These renal stones are most often found occurring simultaneously with calcium oxalate kidney stones.
  3. Struvite Renal Stones: The causal factors behind Struvite kidney stones are certain types of infections in the urinary tract. Struvite kidney stones are more common in women than men. These renal stones tend increase their size very quickly and become huge, and in few cases block the entire kidney. Medical attention is crucial in these cases, otherwise it can lead to frequent, and in some cases even severe urinary tract infections (UTI) and impairment in the normal functioning of the kidneys.
  4. Uric Acid Kidney Stones: These kidney stones are most commonly found in men. Uric acid kidney stones are formed when peoples don't drink adequate water or eat a diet significantly high in animal proteins. It is also found in people who have suffered from gout, had chemotherapy or have a related family history, thus being genetically predisposed to such kind of stones.
  5. Cystine Stones: These renal stones are directly related to a genetic disorder known as Cystinuria, where excessive amount of amino acid, called as cystine, is accumulated in the urine. These deposited amino acids form stones in the kidney, bladder or ureters, which are crucial to perform the major function of carrying urine from the kidney to the bladder.



Symptoms of Renal Stone:

  1. An excruciating pain is felt in the area of the kidney spreading through the entire abdomen.
  2. Nausea
  3. Restlessness And body ache
  4. A heaviness is felt in breathing
  5. Difficulty in passing urine
  6. Frequent sensation of urination
  7. There can be fever and bouts of chill
  8. Anorexia
  9. Urine has a distinct foul smell

Kidney stone is fast emerging as a life style problem. Ayurveda suggests the best way to cure kidney stones is through increased intake of fluid, change In lifestyle and dietary patterns, and unique Ayurvedic kidney stone medicine like stone crusher. Derived from the ancient texts of ayurveda, the stone crusher is an exclusive medicine for kidney stone treatment which provides complete relief in very little time and without any surgical procedure. Stone crusher is a rare combination of herbs which effectively eradicates the kidney stone without any side effects. The medicine reduces the kidney stone to very small size, up to 20 mm, which is easily flushed out with toxins in urine.

Ingredients: The main herbs in this ayurvedic formulation are,

  1. Pashan Bheda: According to ayurveda Pashan Bheda has good diuretic properties which increases urine production and helps in flushing out deposits and crystals.
  2. Shwet Parpati: Shwet Parpati is a unique herb known for treating all king of urinary tract disorders like frequent urination, scant urination,  urine retention, urinary tract infections and renal lithiasise. presence of kidney stones.
  3. Hazrulyood Bhasma: It helps in reducing burning sensation, detoxifying bodily system, reducing abdominal pain and removing renal stone without any surgical procedure.
  4. Punranava: This herb is helpful in treating enlarged prostrates, chronic pyelitis and renal disorders like kidney stone.
  5. Gokharu: This herb is known for treating urinary disorders and effectively flushing out the toxins from the system. It also improves kidney functioning.
  6. Varun: this herb has an exclusive tendency of discouraging formation of crystals in urinary tract and also helps in flushing out the toxins.

How to consume:

Stone crusher comes in a four doses box as a 4 days treatment. Each dose has to be eaten with 3 large size leaves of bryophyllum pinnatum ( pattharchatta) in the morning, on an empty stomach. Do not eat anything for 1 to 2 hours after consuming the medicine, but you can consume water, juice or any light fluid.

Fortified with the power of very potent herbs, Stone Crusher is the best Ayurvedic kidney stone medicine which effectively removes kidney stone in a very short span of time, without any side effects and without any surgical procedure.

Caution: Avoid consuming brinjal, tomato, jackfruit, guava, eggs, meat, dairy products, chilly and spices during the consumption of Stone Crusher.


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