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Leuco Treat

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Country Of Origin : India

Luecotreat is a Combination of Precious Herbs & it’s 100% Ayurvedic. Quantity - 100gm

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Leucorrhoea or ‘ Sweta pradar’, as called in Ayurveda, is an abnormal whitish-yellow discharge from the vagina of a woman. It is not a disease but a symptom of other diseases like anaemia, diabetes, any bacterial infection, or any sexually transmitted disease. If left untreated leucorrhoea symptoms can advance to a burning sensation, irritation, and other infections.

Leucotreat is the best Ayurvedic leucorrhoea medicine which is constituted of hand-picked and precious Ayurveda herbs which strengthen the female reproductive system and completely cure symptoms of leucorrhea.

The main symptom of leucorrhoea is an abnormal white secretion from the vagina which may or may not be accompanied by foul smell. Broadly it can be categorized in 4 types.

  1. Vulvar Leucorrhoea: usually found in young girls.
  2. Vaginal Leucorrhoea: usually found in young age women.
  3. Cervical Leucorrhoea(cervix): is usually found in pregnant women.
  4. Uterine Leucorrhoea(uterus): is usually found in pregnant women.

Leucorrhoea can also be categorized based on the root cause:

  1. Physiological Leucorrhoea: Estrogen hormone stimulation can cause leucorrhoea as a defense mechanism, where the sticky whitish-yellow discharge serves to preserve the flexibility of the vaginal tissues. The symptoms can be found in various stages of pregnancy and often in infant girls due to uterine exposure to estrogen.
  2. Inflammatory Leukorrhea: This type of leucorrhoea occurs due to some bacterial infection or sexually transmitted diseases and leads to inflammation of vaginal tissues.


Leucorrhoea can be caused due to several factors:

  1. The main cause behind leucorrhoea is lack of nutrition and irregular lifestyle.
  2. According to Ayurveda wrong food combinations can also lead to leucorrhoea.
  3. Heavy weight lifting, excessive stress, insufficient sleep, and frequent abortions can lead to symptoms of leucorrhea.
  4. It can also be caused due to lack of hygiene and internal injury.


Lucotreat is the best Ayurvedic leucorrhoea medicine constituted of exclusive herbs which serves to cure the symptoms naturally and perfectly.

  1. Patha Jamun: Ayurveda prescribes jamun bark as a very effective medicine to treat leukorrhea.
  2. Aam ki Guthli: Composed of phenolic and phenolic compounds Aam ki guthli is excellent to detoxify body.
  3. Rasanjan: It helps in strengthening female reproductive system.
  4. Manjishthsa: with antibacterial properties its very effective in blood purification, blood circulation and strengthening female reproductive system.
  5. Lodhra: With its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties lodhra is considered very useful in treating female reproductive disorders like leucorrhoea.
  6. Musta: It helps with strengthening and proper functioning of female reproductive system.

Besides these main Ingredients other ingredients are,

  • Pashan Bhed
  • Gaireek
  • Mochrash

Curated with the most selected and precious herbs Leucotreat is the best ayurvedic medicine for leucorrhea which can help to control the symptoms naturally, and without any side effects.

Consumption Procedure:

Leucotreat must be consumed twice a day, one hour after both the meals. Take half a cup of boiled or cooked rice water, make a mixture of it with one teaspoon of pure honey, to the mixture add 1 tea spoon or 2 – 3 grams of leuco treat medicine.  Mix it well and then consume it.


Leucorrhoea is a very common disease in females but can be easily cured with proper diet, balanced lifestyle and best ayurvedic medicine for leucorrhoea, leucotreat. It helps to cure leucorrhoea by detoxifying body and strengthening the reproductive system in a natural and holistic manner.



  • Add more liquids to your diet, like milk, juice, soup and plain water.
  • Eat a balanced diet comprising mostly of natural food like fruits and whole grains.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.

What is the treatment for white discharge in Ayurveda?

There are many Ayurvedic herbs available in nature, which don’t just stop the white discharge – which is a common problem faced by women. These herbs include patha jamun, aam ki gutli, rasanjan musta and more. It has no harmful side effects and is beneficial for the overall health of the female reproductive system.

How can I stop white discharge permanently?

The allopathic medicines for stopping white discharge are sometimes not effective and also cause harmful side effects. You can stop white discharge permanently by taking the recommended dosage of Leucotreat which is completely natural and does not contain artificial hormones.

What is the reason of white discharge?

Hormonal disturbances or even vaginal infection can be the reason of white discharge in women. The herbal medicines contained in Leucotreat don’t just stop white discharge but do so in a harmless way.

Is white discharge normal?

White discharge in a small amount is natural, but too much can be the sign of an ailment. For getting rid of this problem you should opt for Leucotreat which contains many beneficial herbs which enhance the feminine health.

Which hormone is responsible for white discharge?

The combined effect of the feminine hormones estrogen and progesterone are responsible for white discharge which is known as the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. Overactive hormones cause the problem of excessive white discharge called leucorrhoea. You can safely take our product leucotreat in order to treat this problem.


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