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Love Plus 60 Capsules

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Country Of Origin : India

Pharma Science Ayurvedic Medicine Love Plus For Sexually Long Time - 60 Capsule

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Facing problems with lowered stamina and poor sex life? Need a cure which is purely natural and completely safe? Try Love Plus, best Ayurvedic medicine for stamina from the labs of Pharma science.  Increased stress levels have badly impacted immunity, stamina and sexual power in man across all age groups. Reduced libido and less stamina leads to sexual dissatisfaction, resulting in frustration and broken relationships. 

Love Plus from Pharma Science is an absolutely natural medicine, curated out of most revered herbs in Ayurveda, like  Ashwagandha and satavari. This is a 100% Halal, ISO, GMP certified Trademark product, which has no side effects and is perfectly safe to consume. Love Plus aims at restoring your natural stamina and vitality, besides enhancing your libido and promoting your overall health.

A large number of men today face the problem of lower stamina, erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual power. Shockingly, the millennial generation or Gen Y is also combating similar issues. High ambitions, hectic lifestyle and poor dietary patterns have lead to excessive mental pressure and stress. The result is less energy and inclination for sexual relations. Besides loss of libido, there are high incidents of several major issues like erectile dysfunction and lower sperm count.  

Reduced stamina and poor sexual performance significantly affect a man’s confidence leading to frustration and depression. Loveplus, from Pharma Science is a miracle cure for improving stamina, sexual power and libido in a purely natural way. Inspired from the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda, Love plus is made of select leaves of miracle herb Ashwa Gandha and several more precious herbs. 



  1. Ashwagandha : Since the ancient times Ashwagandha has been considered the medicine to improve sexual power, potency, and libido. Consumption of ashwagandha increases production of nitric acid which dilated blood vessels carrying blood to the genitals. This Ayurvedic medicine for sexually long time treats erectile dysfunction, enhances sexual desire and satisfaction.
  2. Kokilaksha : It is a natural Aphrodite and improves sexual stamina multifold. In males sexual disorders can be due to two main reasons, loss of libido and low erection time, or premature ejaculation. Kokilaksha with its unique ‘vajikaran’ property cures erectile dysfunction, and its exclusive aprhrodite properties acts as a strong libido enhancing agent. Its unique nature improve testosterone level and helps in controlling male sexual dysfunction. Its “balya” nature improves inner strength and increases stamina.
  3. Vidari : Vidarikand or India Kutzu is a perennial herb. the roots of this rejuvenating herb are used for their revitalizing power. This herb is exceptionally effective as an immunity booster. Its spermatogenic properties improve and increase quality and quantity of the semen.
  4. Kali Museli : Kali museli is an ancient and rare ayurvedic medicine used mainly for its strength enhancing properties. according to the texts of Ayurveda kali museli has ‘vrishya’ and ‘balya’ characteristics which helps as an Aphrodite and stamina enhancer. It effectively improves libido and sperm count. Besides this, kali museli corrects urinary disorders and aides in liver detoxification.
  5. Safed Museli : Safed museli is considered a complete solution to male sexual disorders. it helps to improve sperm count, prevent premature ejaculation, and increase libido. The herb is mostly known for its Aphrodite nature (increases sexual desire ), and adaptogenic property (prevents and restores the damages done due to stress and restore optimum physiological balance of the body). Safed musli or Shweta musli works to relieve stress and anxiety and henceforth improves sexual performance significantly.
  6. Shatavari : With its natural antiaging properties shatavari works to balance the hormones, improve immunity and boost sex drive. It is well known to improve fertility and enhance blood flow in sex organs, thus leading to better sexual performance. Shatavari is a complete tonic for males, as it increases testosterone levels, prevents diabetes by managing blood sugar levels, and acts as mood enhancer by monitoring stress and anxiety

Other Ingredients

  1. Bala : Bala is a popular ayurvedic herb which literally means strength. It improves bone strength in body besides rejuvenating the holistic body systems. It acts as a strong aphrodite and stamina enhancer.
  2. Choti Elachi : Chhoti elyachi or green cardamom has phytochemicals that works to control nausea and performance anxiety. It has prominent inflammatory and phytochemical elements which are crucial for optimum functioning of the body. Like ashwagandha, eleyachi acts as a natural libido enhancer by managing the male stimulating hormones, controlling blood pressure and helping in proper functioning of vascular system.
  3. Dalchini: Dalchin or cinnamon is considered an extremely strong herbal Aphrodite since ancient times. It acts as a stimulant for both males and females, and in males it provides added benefit of curing erectile dysfunction. Dalchini is said to reduce harmful LDL cholesterol thus preserving the penile arteries leading to long erection time.
  4. Marich: Marioch or pepper is an extremely rich source of important nutrients like zinc and folic acid, both the herbs crucial for increasing male fertility. Proper consumption of pepper leads to increased sperm cell division which leads to enhancement in sperm count.

How to Consume:  

The suggested dosage of Loveplus are 1 to 2 capsules twice a day with diluted or skimmed milk. 

Benefits :

Love Plus offers following key benefits,

  1. Treats erectile dysfunction
  2. Boosts vigor
  3. Enhances sexual timing
  4. Rejuvenates and revitalizes stamina
  5. Improves sperm count
  6. Increase libido

Love Plus, Best Ayurvedic medicine for stamina is a miraculous medicine which works wonders to improve your sexual life and stamina and optimum functioning of the bodily systems. From improving libido, treating erectile dysfunction to improving sexual timing and stamina, it provides an all over solution to your sex-related problems. Its rare combination of select herbs also improves immunity, sexual desire, inner strength and sperm count. Loveplus is completely natural and has no side effects. Choose loveplus today for a happy and satisfied sexual life. 

LOVE PLUS | Pharmascience

LOVE PLUS | Pharmascience


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