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Stone Crusher Plus

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Country Of Origin : India

Stone Crusher Plus can easily eliminate the stone up to 20 mm by Urine. Quantity - 15gm

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Kidney stone it's a common health problem experienced by people of all age groups. it occurs when certain minerals and salts solidifies in the urinary tract and form big or small crystals called as kidney stone, renal stone or Urolithiasis.

The big Crystals block the urinary tract causing obstruction in the urine flow, resulting in acute abdominal pain, nausea and bleeding. Stone Crusher Plus is a unique Ayurvedic kidney stone medicine which assures painless removal of the kidney stone in a short span of time, without any surgery and with minimum expense. The kidney stone crusher plus is an Ayurvedic formulation made of rare and precious herbs. It is an innovative medication conceived to remove renal stones besides strengthening the body systems. 

Kidneys are vital organs performing essential function of purifying and filtering blood, removing toxins, maintain body’s fluid balance and balance the level of electrolytes in body. It also creates urine to flush out wastes from the body.

Kidney Stone Occurs when minerals and salts like calcium oxalate solidifies to form crystal like structures. Small size stones are flushed out with urine, but medium and big size stones obstruct the urinary flow causing acute pain spreading across entire abdomen to lower back. This agonising pain is often accompanied with nausea, frequent urge to urinate, vomiting and bleeding.  

There are several factors causing kidney stones.

  1. Lack of exercise and irregular lifestyle
  2. Unhealthy and nutrition-less diet
  3. Metabolic imbalance, bladder infections and hormonal imbalance

    Risk factors there are several risk factors associated with kidney stones,

  1. Hereditary: People with similar urological disorder are having higher chances of developing kidney stones.
  2. Lack of Hydration: Urine contains several minerals, calcium and salt. In the absence of adequate water to dissolve these substances, they crystallise to form kidney stones.
  3. Obesity: Like many others life style diseases, people suffering from obesity and high BMI are more vulnerable to develop kidney stones.
  4. Dietary Habits: A diet very rich in complex proteins, heavy sugar, spices and sodium is a major cause of kidney stone.
  5. Presence of certain medical disorders like Cystinuria, renal tubular acidosis (RTA) and bladder infection, makes a person more susceptible to developing kidney stones.

Types of Kidney Stones:

There are 5 main types of kidney stones each with different causes and risk factors.

  1. Calcium Oxalate Stones:- this is the most common type of kidney stone found. It is caused when there is a low level of citrate in the urine and high levels of calcium and either uric acid or oxalate. Medical science suggests that the calcium oxalate stones are directly related to a diet high in oxalate, which is a substance occurring naturally in animals and plants. Common examples of such food items are black tea, chocolate, potatoes, spinach, nuts and beets.
  2. Calcium Phosphate Kidney Stones:- These kinds of a renal stones are formed when there are abnormalities in the functioning of the urinary system. it would require a medical examination and certain blood and urine tests to understand the detailed causes and treatment of calcium phosphate kidney stones. These renal stones often occur simultaneously with calcium oxalate kidney stones.
  3. Struvite Renal Stones:- Struvite kidney stones are caused due to certain types of infections in the urinary tract. Most commonly found in women than men, these stones tend to increase quickly in size and become large, and in few cases even subjugating the entire kidney. They require Immediate medical attention, otherwise can result in frequent, and in some cases severe urinary tract infections and impairment of kidney functions.
  4. Uric Acid Kidney Stones:- Mostly found in men, these kidney stones are formed when people don't drink enough water or consumer a diet substantially high in animal proteins. it is also found in people who have suffered from gout, had chemotherapy or have a related family history, thus being genetically predisposed to such kind of stones.
  5. Cystine Stones:- These kidney stones are caused by a genetic disorder known as Cystinuria, in which excessive amount of amino acid, cystine is collected in the urine. These excessive amino acids form stones in the kidney, bladder or ureters, which perform the primary function of transporting urine from the kidney to the bladder.


  • An agonising pain reverberating from Abdominal area to the lower back.
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Difficulty in passing urine
  • Bleeding
  • Chronic body ache
  • Anorexia
  • Foul smell in urine

Kidney stone or renal stone is fast emerging as a lifestyle problem. According to Ayurveda, to treat kidney stones one should increase fluid intake, bring balance in lifestyle and dietary patterns, and consume rare Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Medicine like Stone Crusher.

Inspired from the wisdom of ayurveda, the stone crusher is a special medicine for kidney stone treatment that reduces pain and provides relief in a short span of time and without any surgery.

Stone crusher effectively removes the kidney stone without any kind of side effects. The medicine breaks the renal stone to very small size, up to 20 mm, and flushes it out with the urine flow. One can observe relief within 10 days.


The main herbs in this ayurvedic formulation are,

  1. Punranava : This herb is known as the best remedy for enlarged prostrates and renal disorders like renal stone.
  2. Yuva Kshar:- It is an alkaline substance and is mad from Yava or Barley. It contains potassium carbonate and with its diuretic properties,it is very effective in the treatment of abdominal disorders and urinary tract disorders.
  3. Pashan Bheda: Pashan Bheda has good diuretic properties which enhances urine production and helps in dissolving and removing deposits and crystals.
  4. Varun Niryas: This is a distinctive herb that serves to discourage formation of crystals and solidification of minerals in the urinary tract and also helps in clearing out the toxins.
  5. Kurthi-kurthi: Kulthi has diuretic properties. It increase urine production which in turn puts pressure on the stone, subsequently stone is broken and flushed out.

How to Consume:

The medicine box contains about 15 grams of medicine which has to be divided in 10 equal portions. (each dose approximately 1.5 grams).

A single dose has to be consumed with plain water 2 to 3 hours after dinner. Ensure to drink a glass of buttermilk 5 minutes after every dose.

Benefits : 

Stone Crusher Plus is a unique Ayurvedic kidney stone medicine which helps you in removing kidney stone without and surgery and with minimum expense. The medicine, as the name suggests, breaks stones in small particles ( up to 20 mm), which are easily flushed out with the urine flow. This kidney stone crusher is completely ayurvedic, totally chemical free and is without any side effects.

What are the first signs of passing a kidney stone?

The first signs of passing a kidney stone appear when the stone has reached the urinary bladder. The use of our stone crusher plus will break the stone down to a size which can easily pass out in the urine. And the symptoms at this stage include blood in the urine, nausea or pain while urination, scanty urine and others.

What is kidney stone pain like?

The experience for different individuals is different because sometimes a small stone may cause much more pain than a larger stone. At the same time, the pain due to a kidney stone when in the kidney is creates a pinching like sensation and severe pain. The pain can be debilitating and cause hindrance to your daily activities. Hence, as soon as you know that you have kidney stone, you should start on the recommended dosage of Stone Crusher Plus from Pharma Science.

What foods cause kidney stone?

Beets, chocolate, high amounts of spinach tea and most nuts contains large amounts of oxalate which can cause kidney stones. However, with the help of our sure fire remedy for kidney stones – Stone Crusher Plus, you can easily get rid of the pain and discomfort that kidney stones cause.

What is the fastest way to dissolve kidney stones?

Using tried and tested ancient Ayurvedic remedies as provided in the Stone Crusher Plus from Pharma Science. It contains herbs like pashan bhed, gokharu, etc. which have been used in Ayurveda for almost 5000 years.


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Stone crusher plus is very effective in Kidney Stone.



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products provided by Pharmascience has Great Results,

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