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Anti Piles Long Relief

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Anti piles long relief is the medicine which can give patient relief from the pain and problem of piles for long duration.

Method of Using Anti Piles Long Relief

Anti Piles Long Relief is an Ayurvedic medicine that is used in an externally only, which can be used to control the piles of long period of time, the applying method is given as follows.

Add 5 gm of medicine in Half litter of warm water or (lukewarm water), Soak the cotton cloth into it and apply regularly for 15 to 20 minutes on the surface of the piles.

After drying of cotton (which is given in the kit), immerse it in the same warm water and take extra water and give some quantity of medication to it about 1 gram flour; Now, let's keep the cotton paws in place of Piles.

For a longer period of time, it is compulsory to rest the process of concrete for 1 month continuously to relax with the problem of Piles.


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